Steps to Buying a Home


Owning a house is one of the greatest investments that you can put up. Nothing beats having your own place where you can relax after a busy day at work, or welcome friends over a cup of coffee.

Make the decision to buy

The first step is always the hardest, and it’s the same with purchasing a house. A lot of factors may influence your decision to buy a property or not, although sufficient evaluation of your finances must be done. You may start the decision-making process by studying your options. Remember that buying a home is a financial and emotional investment.

Tap us to help

Buying a home usually entails a lot of paperwork, analysis, negotiations and deadlines. We at Holley Realty Team aim to make the house buying process easier for you. We will give you an idea of the current real estate market conditions, help you decide on your preferred home, arrange the best possible deal, facilitate home modifications as needed, manage all deadlines and paperwork, and answer any of your questions.

Consult with a financial expert

The financial aspects of owning a home may be complicated for you, so it’s best to hire a financial consultant. We can help you find one who can assist you in assessing your financial status, setting a purchase price point, and even negotiating the property price on your behalf. By hiring a financial consultant, you should be able to enjoy the house hunting and buying process a whole lot better.

Begin the search

Looking for a house could be overwhelming for some, but you may start by assessing what kind of home you are looking for – number of rooms, floor space, property location, stability of the neighborhood, proximity to basic amenities, and many other factors. Don’t worry, because we at Holley Realty Team have made it our core purpose to help you in all aspects of the process, starting with the search for your dream home.

Set your price

After running through your home options, decide on how much you are willing to invest on your home. You should base your price point on market analysis, modifications done on the property, and its actual listed price. From those factors and together with our guidance, you should be able to arrive at the best price point.

Check for upgrades and repairs

Don’t be surprised if your perfect home has some imperfections. We will help you evaluate the house for any damages, and check if it has undergone some improvements. We understand that buying a home is a huge investment, so we will make sure that you know the littlest details about the house that you are about to invest in.

Close the deal

This is it. The home that you have always dreamed of is already within your reach, but you still have a few responsibilities before you can close the deal. First, stay on top of your finances. Avoid purchasing large amounts before the closing of the deal, and communicate with your financial consultant regularly. Second, you need to complete the paperwork and all requirements involved in the sale. As long as you coordinate with us, we will guarantee that you won’t be left in the dark.

Take responsibility

Welcome to your new home! Now that you have made one of the biggest decisions of your life, the next important step is to maintain your property. This is your home now, and you should take it as your responsibility to protect your investment. Check your home regularly for signs of damage or wear. And even if the sale is already closed, we at Holley Realty Team will be more than happy to answer your post-closing questions.

We at Holley Realty Team are committed to lead you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us, so that we can sit down and discuss the process of getting your dream home.

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